What is the meaning of 100% biodegradable?

It means that the product will reach its complete consumption and disintegration by microorganism and return to nature. In other words, if you throw a product on the ground, it will degrade into natural compounds and disappear in approx. 60-90 days.


What is the meaning of 100% compostable?

It means that the product will be decomposed in organic material by bacteria and fungi into healthy and productive soil. This material can be subsequently used for many purposes.


Are the products good for hot and cold foods?

They can be used to contain hot and cold food. They can be used in microwaves and refrigerator. They do not transfer any color, taste or odor to the food. The recommended temperature range is not lower than -20°C and not higher than +140°C.


What do you mean by sustainable sources?

The plants sources used in the production of our products are sustainable because they are renewable in a very short period of time. Just as a comparison, paper is not sustainable since it is made from trees, which take 30-40 years to reach maturity.


What is the life time of products?

Biodegradable products have an estimated shelf life of two years. Products should be stored in a cool dry area to achieve maximum life period.


How does the product get its strength and stability?

The heat induced pressing gives structural strength to the product and the inter-fiber bonding gives it water and oil resistance.