Container Liners Bags

Container liner is bulk FIBC bag of size 20 feet or 40 feet used for container for bulk product transportation. Container is packed or lined inside from container which makes your material safe for transportation. It has no any chance to damage the inside product of container liner. Our liner bags are used in ISO containers. Our reliable clients use this container liner for bulk transportation of minerals, chemicals, seeds or any food products.

Container Liners Types

Material for manufacturing liner bag is base and decides on the product which is to be transport from ISO container.

1: Laminated woven PP/PE fabric:

This type of liner bag is laminated to both or single side based on the product to transport. It is woven PP/PE fabric. It is used for the protection of product from moisture or dust. It does not allow ventilation of air nor pass air through the bag.

2: Unlaminated woven PP/PE fabric :

A fabric without lamination is a unlaminted woven PP/PE fabric. This liner bag allows or passes some air inside the bag. This type of fabric is useful to keep the product in normal temperature if it is hot while feeling due to ventilation of air.

3: PE Film:

Container liner manufactured by PE film has nature to protect the product from moisture 100 %. It contains the hanging steel bar for its front side. It is mostly used to transport inflammable products from chemical industry or petrochemical industry.

Container liners are ready for use within 15 to 20 minutes.
Liner bag is filled with available products with few minutes which reduce the transportation duration.

Liner bag used for 20 or 40 feet almost.
Huge space available for transporting the bulk products.

Easy to lift by cranes
Easy lifting reduce the time duration for filling and unloading the materials.

Easy filling from front and discharge same
Product can easily filled from front view of bag in ISO Container.

Big Container Liner Bag

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