Industrial packaging

We provide the ideal packaging for your needs.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) - Big Bags

  • Available in all types and sizes.
  • 100% Recyclables – All the bags are manufactured with virgin materials.
  • Anti U/V treatment – The raw material of the big bags has anti UV treatment.
  • Laminated (coated), not laminated, ventilated – Standard availability in white color fabric, but also other colors depending on client’s requirements.
  • Printing –Very high quality of digital printing, up to 4 colors on each face of the bag.
  • Sewing pattern – Safety stitching and dust proof.
  • Loops – available in several styles.
  • Certifications – All international certifications for each market and application. Not only the most standard ones but also food grade and others.
Big bags Industrial packaging
Bolsas sacos polipropileno Industrial packaging

Polypropylene woven Sacks (PP Bags)

Available in a wide range of variety, laminated, not laminated, BOPP, with very high digital printing quality using last technology equipment.

Ideal for packing fertilizer, cement, sand, grains, sugar, food for animals, flour, spieces, minerals, resin, chemicals and many others.

Silo Bags

Coextruded multi layer silo bags, ideal to store grains in an anaerobic environment. High technical properties to guarantee its resistance even under severe weather conditions.

Silo bags are available in different diameters and lenghts are as follows: 60 meters, 75 meters and 100 meters.

Silo bags are suitable to store several products:

  • Dry grains
  • Moist grains
  • Fodder
Silo bag Industrial packaging
Big Container Liner Bag dulari Industrial packaging

Container Liner

Container Liner is a specially designed polypropylene packaging to protect bulk transport inside containers. It can be fitted in 20 or 40 feet containers capacity.

With filling and discharge spout at the front.

  • Transport cost saving
  • Easy to handle
  • Moisture protection
  • Avoids previous and subsequent cleaning

Polypropylene fabrics

Dulari offers a wide range of Woven PP Fabrics for Big bags and small bags.

  • Laminated (coated)
  • Not laminated
  • Plain or tubular fabric
  • White or color
  • With gusset according to the client’s request

We manufacture using optimum raw materials source.

Tejido de polipropileno maquina Industrial packaging

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We offer our packaging with the internationally required certifications:
Certificaciones A Industrial packaging
Certificaciones B Industrial packaging