Quality is our hallmark

Dulari has a high commitment to the quality of its products and we guarantee that we deliver exactly what was quoted.

¿Did you know that to guarantee the performance and safety of the discharge spout of the big bags, it should be double closure?

At Dulari we can offer the necessary certifications for each market and applications. Not only the most stándard and specific ones, but also:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 – ISO 14001: 2015
  • OHSAS 18001: 2007
  • BRC Global Standard
  • ISO 22000: 2005 from BSI (food grade certificate)
  • EFIBCA certificate
  • AEO
  • ZED
  • Certificate from Exports chamber
  • HACCP certificate
  • Halal certificate

Dulari is positioned as a strong supplier to the industry, supplying customers of all sizes in different countries from North America to the southern cone. We can be trusted to do the right thing.

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